¿Damien Rice & Melanie Laurent?
acabo de enterarme.

“I only wanted you to know 
That I never wanted you to go.”
(nor wanted to leave you.
we never get a chance to talk about how we felt; what upset us. time passed and the feeling that you wanted me to step aside from you got permanent.
so i try... and this, my dearest friend —keeping myself distant— is the hardest i've experienced. i simply love our friendship.
so, when days are so damn great and i remember this distance of yours that has become ours, i get some peace of mind thinking that we're in a journey; think of us as explorers making magnificent discoveries. and, when we get to see each other we'll probably share all the joy + great news/experiences that our lives have come to encounter.) 

my lovely photograph, hanging at my bedroom's wall, fell yesterday. guess it missed some cuddles. 
the damages are not so bad. a delicate scar at the top and some petit cuts on sides and corners. yeah,it's not so bad. (after all is a photograph with quite a story to tell).